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    The Signdance Group

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 Signdance Collective U.K., Sign Dance Collective International and Signdance Europe are performance, touring, and public engagement signdance theatre companies/associations established in 2001, 2020 & 2022 in Amsterdam, Croatia, and S.E England. The international groups are run by culturally diverse artists, with a team of experienced Deaf and disabled artistic teams at the helm.


   From 1987 to 2000, in London, the company directors pioneered "signdance theatre",

a fusion of sign theatre dance and live original music.


 Since 2001, Signdance Collective U.K. has continued to evolve signdance theatre from its base in High Wycombe, U.K., where we work alongside Local & National  Artists, Communities, Festivals and Venues across the  United Kingdom.  

 Between 2020 and 2022, a new international company, Sign Dance Collective International and a Signdance Europe Foundation were established in Croatia. These organizations allow for the smooth continuation of close and vital European Partnerships. With our European Partners, SDCI is developing the Signdance International Hub, with the creation of The Signdance Europe Foundation based in Pakostane, Croatia. The hub will enable artists from all over the World to train and develop Signdance Theatre alongside the art form's pioneers. 


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Signdance Collective U.K. has a wonderful legacy and has worked with hundreds of people of all ages throughout the U.K. and internationally, delivering workshops and producing new work. The U.K. & European Companies are collaborating on several initiatives, including the current U.K. training program- Signdance Next Generation, funded by The Rothschild Foundation, and helps to train U.K. -based Deaf, disabled & diverse artists in the art form of Signdance Theatre.  


SDC is known for mixing art forms to create 'innovative and creatively brilliant performances', Diversity Awards, BBC.


 'SDC produces high-quality work, which is moving, comic, spectacular, and engaging.' 


SDC is a dance theatre company born on the margins of society, the integrity of their practice has won much acclaim and praise over three decades. 

Time Out, London.

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