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       Public Engagement Projects 
     Workshops  Residencies  Education 

          Signdance Next Generation Artists  
      Zhilling Guo, Golda Dahan, Freddie Churchill,
          Vani Ca,Lucija Mikas, Rob Corcoran 


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''Places Faces & Broken Hearts''R&D 
Create A Signdance Workshops & European Partnership Projects 
UK, Croatia, Slovenia, USA, Austria, Serbia, Latvia, Romania  

March 20-25, Bourneville Museum Birmingham UK
2:30-6:30 pm * Open Workshops 5:00-6:30
April 3  Workshops with Deaf Community Aylesbury UK

April  6-11 Interviews & Workshops New York City & New Jersey  , ''Places  Faces Broken Hearts, '' 
April 12
-16 R&D Open Workshops Juggling Gypsy Cafe & Theatre Wilmington, North Carolina, with the local community  
April 24-29 Wycombe Arts Centre High Wycombe UK
Open Rehearsals of Places Faces & Broken Hearts      
May 8-23 Pakostane & Filipjako Croatia PFBH Workshops 11:00 AM-5:00 PM By Audition 
May 24-29 Additional European/ Erasmus Project Participation, ''The Art Of Silence''  
Sharing of work May 27 & 28th  ** Please email to set up a zoom call for this project
Between May & July, Five Open Online R&D Workshops & Creation in Association with The Together Festival London Details soon!
June  12-19 Austria Residency R&D  Development Of  Places Faces & BH with Local Community and partner artists from Croatia
June 25-July4 Ana Desetnica, Slovenia  Circus Street Theatre  & Voice European Partnership Project  
August 11-19  Signdance Europe Croatia Circus Street Theatre  & Voice European Partnership Project  
August 17-20 Waddestone Manor Aylesbury Vale UK Times TBC
September 4-6 Open Rehearsals Places Faces & Broken Hearts  Wycombe Arts Centre High Wycombe  Times TBA
September 8-10 SDC Places Faces & Broken Hearts Mini Festival  Workshops, Conference, ''Inclusion On My Terms''  Official Sharing of Places Faces & BH R&D Streamed  Guest Performances From Local National & International Companies 
September 11-19 Circus Street Theatre  & Voice European Partnership Project Serbia  
September 25-30 Art Of Silence ( Closed Workshops)  Romania 
October 2-7 Leeds Deaf Theatre at Centre For Deaf Culture & Slunglow UK Open Workshops           

 Signdance Collective - Next Generation Projects  Following the initial Art Council England Funded pilot, The Rothschild Foundation has funded the ''Signdance Next Generation Programmes.''
in 2022-2024; Deaf, Disabled and Diverse artists are training. They will continue to t
rain with the company, gaining touring, performance, workshop, and event development skills. The artist leadership team manages this program in collaboration with regional, national and international partners. With the "Next Generation Project" and the development of the SDC national engagement team, the company's public engagement area will grow. Between 2023 and 2026, the current touring company and the new team will allow SDC to reach many more groups across the UK. This group will deliver new engagement programs to schools and marginalized groups in the community, reaching Deaf and Disabled young people and their families traditionally excluded from the arts.





February 15th-20th, 2022 Signdance Next Generation Pilot Training Module April 4th-14th, 2022 International Development Inclusive Practice Improvisation Composition in signdance theatre and Next Generation Project Piacenza Italy.June 17th-25th Transmitter Performance, Graz Residency workshops and shows (by invitation) July  4th-17th 2022  International Residency and Next Generation Programme for performance skill in signdance theatre Dalmatia Tour, Pakostane  Croatia with SDC performance company. (This residency is full)July 25th-30th, 2022  Signdance Collective's Island Engagement Workshop Residencies In Collaboration With;Elgiva Theatre and Theatre Shed Residency Chesham, Bucks, the UK  (by invitation) SDC Next Generation Training
September 18th-28th 2022 Signdance Collective  collaborations with  Deaf Creative  ''Warriors''  U K by invitation, workshop program available (via Deaf Creative) 
October 18th-28th Signdance Next Generation Training Croatia
(by invitation)


The Time Project  - Funded by Arts Council England & Culture Recovery Fund U.K

Featured in these SDC  films are International Deaf Choreographer Performers Panos Paraschou, Greece  & Pierre Gaegae Lebanon  


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